Kentucky Derby Terms & Conditions

Kentucky Derby Transportation

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  • Only (2) Day-10-hour packages (per day) are available.
  • Any fraction of an hour of service equals an hour of service at the hourly rate.
  • Any additional hours (or minutes thereof) will be calculated and added at the hourly rate.
  • The hourly rate is calculated and stats at the designated pickup point.
  • The designated drop-off(s) for the entire party or individuals thereof will conclude the hours of service.
  • The Kentucky Derby is a designated special event and all reservations and/or sales are final. No refunds will be made after the reservation has been secured with your credit card for payment, with the following exception:

A full or partial refund may be credited if the management of ETS determines a catastrophic event or natural disaster affecting individual or group travel by air or ground, and/or, the running of the Kentucky Derby occurred is postponed or canceled as a result of said event. In which case, it is hereby understood as relates to the exception above, that the management of ETS, will be the sole determinant of any refunds in full or in part.

  • Services are limited to a 15-mile radius from the downtown Louisville metro area; and do include any Louisville Airport (Standiford Field or Bowman Field or Atlantic Aviation) pickups.
  • The above pricing does not include parking passes for Churchill Downs. Customers should obtain these passes directly from Churchill Downs as part of your ticket purchases. Executive Transportation Service may be contacted for other parking options at (502)817-3647.
  • All reservations will include a standard 20% Gratuity. Customers are not prohibited from awarding higher gratuities to either their driver and/or the company for services rendered by contacting the management of ETS at (502)217-3647.
  • Cell phone numbers listed on the reservation are expected to be in service and available from pickup to return unless ETS management has been contacted in advance to approve other arrangements for contact.
  • The designated representative for the reservation will receive an immediate confirmation that the reservation has been received and has been scheduled for transport by email only
  • The Designated party will be given the assigned name and phone for the driver assigned to the reservation at least (7) days before the designated pickup date.

Any questions or concerns about your reservation can be directed to ETS Operations (502)817-3647 or by email at

I fully agree and understand all stipulations listed above and accept all conditions outlined to allow for services to be reserved, and performed, and paid for by providing a valid credit or debit card for services requested on the reservation form> My card information will also be used to cover the gratuity listed on the confirmation form I will receive to acknowledge receipt and scheduling of services requested